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Joseph Kelliebrew grew up in rural Maryland in the '60s and '70s in the city of Upper Marlboro on a hundred-acre farm left to his family by his maternal grandfather. He graduated from Frederick Douglas High School where he dabbled in music playing the tenor saxophone and joined the drama club. He later graduated Cum Laude from Howard University School of Fine Arts with a B.F.A. in theatre. After graduation, he studied and performed at Joy Zinoman’s Studio theatre. In 1987 he became involved in the DC Public Schools as a Conflict Resolution Specialist developing school based mediation programs. He has simultaneously pursued a career in education as a Conflict Resolution Specialist. He later became a substitute teacher for 6 years which allowed him to care for ailing parents. He currently works as a Paraprofessional for special needs Pre-Kindergarten students in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Mr. Kelliebrew is a father of two and was inspired to write, “Boots on the Beach”, after a family trip to Ocean City, MD. In the Fall of 1995. Working with students inspired him to write a series of children’s books.

Mr. Kelliebrew is an educator and performing artist. "Boots on the Beach" is his debut into the field of children literature in which he was inspired to write while on an off-season vacation with his family. More books are in the works. By teaching and working with children he has gained a whole perspective on life.

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